Jordan Ol'school II

 Jordan Ol'school II  Phony & Genuine.

Phony- jump is the Woman of the form, I see that the NBA is white, but I see it today because this is the imitation of hand, then it's black tie. But the decisive point is key seam around the screen, which is not true of any seam. I see it regularly. This is a good site because the first release of Nike for the sewing thread that matches my own.
-at the lodge, then it will usually just fall out one or a few of the other hand. It had to bend down to do something. Spoon shoes easy to wear. So it is not certain that the stand erect. It's not new.
-before the white which I see tons of wood inside. If you make sure that this is fake. But some of them are not aware of any air trick (just a hollow but solid Op๊k).
-in the green this genuine leather surface is smooth. I like synthetic leather, which Nike says Spector. It's all synthetic leather. On the whole, if the property is good. It is all the same whether it is black or white.But then I put a fake leather rough (like elephant skin, which is often used as a movie Nike. But this is not Eฟgi) rams through my tongue. If you see it you know. It's really different.
-of this section if it. Replicas are darker than the other submarines of its own. This is because it hits on the velvet do not tolerate that.You are using synthetic leather on the other. (See AJ I Alpha Blue's review here), but do it anyway because it's wrong. This film uses the same type of guys.
-below the black stuff that it should be white and the white water. Concluded that it should be red. It's just the color itself.Matt G Ehgaaaa pretty good jump on it in black. In view of the need to explain anything else I do.
-View of the crystal below is genuine if the color is red. The simulation shows that the ground is white to very small> <~.

Genuine.-Cushioning The cushioning.I said that this year is the Nike Air MAX to see the specification of the Web long ago. But I did not do anything then. However, it is earlier than AIR I can see with his sore foot Phylon anything over Type Air max is not a lot (like the Airmax early on). Card is in a good word I'm waiting for my grade 8.0/10 แlgwkan B.

Comfort and Fit comfort and fit.I'm hot and soft. Make sure your hardness Op๊k AIR MAX / Airsole to do.Fit it with a lining layer. Make sure that the shoes are uncomfortable, but not only on the outer skin. I try to keep it as low as it is bound to end up. This is the end of the key players are confident

-Breatability ventilation.The second floor with a soft lining on the inside, but the header does not have the backing fabric and the fabric to make well ventilated.
-Angle Support for ankle protection.Hung at the end and then save it in that it is compact. The inner lining waterproof. This is my team.
-tracking adherence.I understand that this is not the end of my shoe. The knife slipped and change it. The Red Blue This is a constant rain. As I overturned calls (one to be seen often).
Overall, a pair of majors, although I would put it rains. The beauty of it. Real time (dry or smile) I do not have a problem. Cody Beach during a fight not only for this pair of 8/10 it was.


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